Reactions of the public

The mediators of the educational sector of the 33rd Biennial are fundamental partners in the construction of this alternative archive. During the exhibition, from September through December, we are in contact with them through real time instant messaging software. Part of the reactions of the public witnessed by them is recorded here.

In the room with the video by Tamar Guimarães
– Excuse me miss, but was this filmed here in the building?
– Yes!
– And that coffin, where is it?
– The coffin was taken away.
– Oh... because I wanted to bury a boy here (laughter).


About the work by Luiza Crosman
(a cryptocurrency miner)
– Do you think it will be able to make enough money to pay for the work itself?


About the work with six thousand mushrooms by Antonio Ballester Moreno
– It looks like the idea was that he ate those mushrooms, went totally crazy and then painted this Egyptian sun next to the pyramids.

In front of the empty space on the second floor, near the work of Nelson Felix
– Is the building closed at night?
– Yeah.
– Have you thought about setting up a hotel here for people who are in need of sleep?


Recording of the mediation with children from the State School Amelia Moncon Ramponi


A youth about the exhibition curated by Sofia Borges
– I loved the TCC by Sofia Borges in relation to photography x painting, in the format of curiosities, velvet version.


Educator from a Children’s Education Center Centro about the work by Tunga, in the section curated by Sofia Borges
– You know what this looks like, right?
– Macumba. 


Seventh-grade student from the Municipal Elementary School of Vila Nova Cachoeirinha about the works by Lucia Nogueira
– That’s right, this makes total sense. The white people kill black people. 


Collective narrative created by 5th-grade students from a Municipal Elementary School of the city of Campinas, during a visit to the section by Sofia Borges
“Before, everything was a planet full of lights and animals. All the animals were blind. The rocks were not formed yet. Everything was big and mixed and colored with the sunset. Strange birds laid golden eggs. The leeches were killing off humanity. A sickness arose called spiritophilia, which killed all the leeches. Except that it deformed the people. There was a giant seed, a lightning bolt struck and opened it. And the contents had a curative power. The seed and the lightning bolts also made mountains arise. Other colorful planets began to arise and water emerged. Plants and trees began to emerge. So it was then possible to make a boat and transport the sick people to a safe place where there were seeds. And then they began to make the objects from clay.”


A visitor at the exhibition by Sofia Borges, upon learning that the artworks would be changed over the course of the exhibition
– Geez, so I’m going to have to come every day?