Visual and sound pathways

Throughout the 33rd Bienal, researchers Hosana Celeste, Nicolau Centola and Alysson Mazoni studied ways of using sound and images to characterize the path taken by the exhibition’s visitors. To obtain the paths, the visitors are invited to carry a cell phone with an application that records information on how they move through the space.

The paths generated by the application are correlated to a set of sounds and images, which were categorized according to the visitor’s speed, presence and changes of position in the Bienal. The result of this correlation provides an experimental and abstract description of the paths.

Throughout 2019, the researchers responsible for this action will develop more thoroughgoing studies about the movements taken by visitors during the 33rd Bienal.



Visual path: 12 summed routes



Visual and sound path 1




Visual and sound path 2


Visual and sound path 3