Verbose paths

To enlarge the understanding of the 33rd São Paulo Biennial based on the logic of the other (in a game that maximally avoids the physical visit of Bruno Moreschi in the exhibition space), people was invited to record videos of their paths at the exhibition. Then, the various scenes of these records were transformed into texts by NeuralTalk2, an artificial intelligence that describes images in short sentences – thus enhancing the variations of meanings by translating an audiovisual information into written text.


Verbose path 1
Antonio Ballester Moreno
group exhibition Common/sense


Verbose path 2
Sofia Borges
group exhibition The infinite history of things or the end of the tragedy of one 


Verbose path 3
Denise Milan, Ilha Brasilis, 2018 


Verbose path 4
Waltercio Caldas
group exhibition The Appearances

Verbose path 5
Overview 3rd floor Biennial


© Videos by Pedro Gallego.