Open source

GitHub is a source-code hosting platform with more than 3 million active users and which allows people to contribute to projects experimental projects on the Internet.

Another 33rd São Paulo Biennial has a profile on this platform, making available all the source code of our actions, and the records of the development of this site. This allows programmers around the world to voice their opinion about our code and to create new versions of them, thus improving their structures. The platform also hosts a forum that raises a specific discussion with the programmers:

How should a possible open-source archive of the project be?
In what languages should it be available?
How should it be stored on the Internet and in the archive sector of the Biennial?

This conversation with programmers is aimed at creating the first public (and alternative) digital archive of an art biennial.

Processing Night. Code Jam: Garoa Hacker Clube, São Paulo.
© Mari Moraga