Press: titles

Titles of journalistic texts tend to be concise, direct and catchy – a mode of textual construction that systematically flirts with reductionisms and various preconceptions. From 2000 to 2013, artist and researcher Letícia Cobra Lima made an experimental text constructed with literal quotes from covers of feminist magazines. For the artist, “this is an uninterrupted and constant discourse of surveillance and vexation, which aims to regulate and limit our practical, psychological, social and emotional lives.”

We invited the artist to carry out her methodology of alternative writing, this time with the titles about the 33rd Biennial which will be published in the Brazilian and international press. In what way will the idea of art also be reduced in the titles of the journalistic texts about the exhibition?

Version 3
If every Friday were like this, I would die happy

Version 2
Art no longer produces anything, there are no longer any gods

Version 1
The Fundação Bienal celebrates!


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